WAN Innovations

The fundamentals of WAN innovations and how they apply to the modern world

data centerTo understand the advantages and innovations of SD WANs it’s first necessary to understand some of the related technologies in http://www.velocloud.com. After all, it’s difficult to understand growth within any given field if there’s no metric to measure it with. One can think of it as, in some ways, an evolutionary growth over the idea of software-defined networking, or SDN. SDN is a powerful technology. it’s somewhat limited in scope. It’s something you’d expect to see mostly in high tech data centers or hubs which connect multiple areas with the same average level of networking robustness. It’s a good step in the right direction. it most certainly does have uses, both in the modern day and the future. SDN is closer to being a set architecture without a definitive implementation. Think, for example, HTML without a modern web browser. It’s certainly useful and to the right eye, it can convey just as much information as with a browser. there’s one important distinction there to keep in mind which can make all the difference.

Having the actual technological implementation of the underlying architecture in a concrete and packaged form will vastly broaden the audience. Not to mention that ease of use will also make it something very different even to people who can work with that architecture on the fly. While not a perfect comparison, it’s one of the easiest ways to understand how SDN and SD-WAN relate to each other. The importance of this becomes more and more apparent when one examines the underlying reasons why both exist. it also quickly shows just how much relationships matter with the technology. In fact, one of the single greatest strengths of SD-WAN technology comes from how it’s able to relate to different connected points.

cloudAny given company will usually start off fairly small. It might well just be a single building. It’s quite true that as it moves forward and grows that there will often be an incentive to relocate. This often places a growing company in a similar situation to a high-tech data center. The central hub of the company will have blazingly fast connections. any given company will want to grow beyond a single set location. Just as a family wants to grow, so does a family of related companies and the buildings which house them. there’s one big issue there. The company can often easily move around. the nature of local internet service will often change dramatically at any given point. This is often true even within the same state or city. When factoring in an entire country the scope of the issue becomes far clearer.