Software Systems

Innovation and flexibility within software systems

wanIt’s clear that SD-WAN systems offer a lot of advantages over even close competitors. it’s often not so clear just exactly how that comes about. From an outside perspective, people are often quick to note a few special traits of systems making use of the technology. However, from an outside perspective, it’s also not always clear what’s going on. Some behaviors and responses can be due to a number of different factors. It’s often only until someone actually looks behind closed doors that the reason behind some special affinity or positive trait becomes apparent.

One of the best examples of this with an SD-WAN setup has to do with adaptability. In the world of biology, adaptability is the single most important trait to the long-term survival of a species. Contrary to popular belief, the idea of tooth and claw in nature isn’t really about having teeth or claws. It’s about being able to adapt to any given challenge. Claws that can be used to climb trees and also to fight will often be far better than the same feature which is only able to do one or the other.

This is even true if there’s less force behind the claw as a result. The same is true of companies as well. It’s often less about the specifics of a company’s underlying infrastructure than it is about how that infrastructure is put to use. it’s one of the reasons why SD-WAN setups are experiencing such sharp growth. The results are quite readily apparent when people know what to look for. those results are almost always settled on the idea of adaptability. This means just as much about surviving in the jungles of the business world as it does about surviving in the actual wilderness.

wanThis might not seem like it’s fully applicable to an SD-WAN system at first. the more one looks into it the more the analogy really does fit. part of this simply has to do with the nature of a software rather than hardware based solution. This is one of the main points which is often forgotten about innovation. A standard phone never really pushed very far past voice communication for this exact reason. New capabilities had to be added on a hardware level. Video phones existed before smartphones or even computers popularized the idea. they never really caught on because people needed to buy a lot of new hardware for their phone to be able to make use of it. with smart phones, all it needed was a software upgrade or even just one simple app installed on top of the existing software stack. All the pieces were in play, it just needed software to tie it together in a new and exciting way. This is how SD-WAN setups work with networking. Instead of relying on additions to routers they can work on a software based level.